Flycatcher Marketing developed the Grow Smart “Tools for Success” program to support the launch of Rain Bird’s new “Smart” ET (evapotranspiration) controller, the ESP-SMT. The program is a series of training and relationship building events designed to teach Landscape Contractors about water efficiency as a business differentiator, changing behavior in an economic downturn and drought conditions, and communicating with customers in water-stressed regions such as the West and Southwest.

The “Tools for Success” program was successful on multiple levels. We leveraged our relationships with the California Landscape Contractors Association and East Bay Municipal Utility District to assist in recruiting efforts and signed up contractors from 46 unique firms, far surpassing our goal of 25 signups, for this full-day event. In our post-event survey, 93% of the attendees reported being more motivated and better prepared to sell water efficiency to their customers and prospects. And at launch, sales of the new “Smart” controller exceeded expectations, even in a depressed economy.
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